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Biomania is a student organization and civic association founded by the students of the Faculty of Science at Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic. Our main goal is to join together students from various branches of natural sciences and biomedicine fields on the ground of university and most importantly also outside the university walls.

We started our activities by organizing the regular student parties called Biomania every term. Being rather a rag company in our beginnings we've selected a Duck (a symbol of perfection) for our mascot and you can find it in our logo to date.

Now, we have focused also on "more serious" job, organization of the annual Student Scientific Conference on Biotechnology and Biomedicine. This meeting should provide a free platform for young stientists and students of natural sciences, biomedicine and biotechnology from the region of the Central Europe to discuss their results and achievements in these fascinating fields in general. Our conference is organized by students for students which makes it special occassion with unforgettable informal atmosphere and appreciated authenticity.

Biomania also tries to improve the environment of the Masaryk University campus in Brno Bohunice. We invested our effort in establishing a system for waste separation in the campus. More details about Green Campus project are deposited on the separate webpage http://zelenykampus.biomania.cz/ (in Czech).

On Biomania.cz you can find the information about all upcomming events organized by our company together with reports from previous ones. Photos from these events and contacts on members of Biomania are available as well. If you wish to be in touch with us, do not hesitate and visit our page on Facebook. You may get even more info about our activities there.

We wish you a pleasant time during browsing on Biomania.cz. Let's Duck!


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